Our Minds Our Future

The mental health system is failing young people. So we’re leading our own movement – demanding our rights to a healthy mind and a brighter future.

Right now, 16-25 year olds are facing the sharpest edge of the mental health crisis. Too often, we’re left on long waiting lists, told we’re not ‘sick enough’ for help, or abandoned when we’re too old for children’s services.

The system isn’t just failing to meet our needs – it’s failing to meet our rights. So we’re standing up for what we’re entitled to.  

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Our manifesto

It’s our minds and our future at stake, so we’re calling for transformational change in our mental health system to one that puts our rights at the centre.

The Our Minds Our Future Manifesto outlines our vision for a rights-respecting mental health system in England. It’s part of a project that’s engaging young people in every nation of the UK to speak out on what they want mental health services to look like where they are.

Read the manifesto

The manifesto was produced by young people who are part of Make Our Rights Reality, a movement of young people who know their rights and how to fight for them. Our team is made up of local groups of ‘Rights Advocates’ across the country who fight for their rights locally, and the staff team at the national charity Youth Access who deliver on strategy laid out by young people.

Through the Our Minds Our Future campaign, we’re standing up for young people’s right to access mental health support in their communities – support that meets their specific needs and sees them as whole individuals, not just a diagnosis to be filed. Do you want to join the campaign? Register to train as a Rights Advocate today.

It’s Our Minds Our Future
– let’s demand our rights.