February 05, 2020



Happy New Year everyone 😊 This week (3-9 February) is Children’s Mental Health Week – so we thought we’d share this Facebook post from our Rights Advocate Katie, who back on World Mental Health Day took the opportunity to make a more colourful post and spread the message of the Our Minds Our Future campaign.

Who are we? Why we are doing this?
We are Young people who are fighting for the right to mental health and adequate care. We are doing this because 75% of mental illness starts by the age of 24 and more than 50% by age 14 this is because the quality of care just simply isn’t good enough for young people and the result of poor mental health leads to poverty and poor housing and other social factors. I should also note that waiting times for young people to receive help is up to 18 months and when young people have received help only 6% of children and young people have reported it was enough support.

How are we doing this?
We are campaigning for 5 main goals, we have Rights Advocates who are trained in knowing their rights and Youth Access train them up and give them the skills to build a support network and stronger force to go to local decision makers and say this is what young people are doing and saying you have to listen too us. The Steering Group is made up of 8 people who are from all over the country who steer the campaign in the right direction and bring their own experiences and ideas to help shape the campaign.

How can you help?

Sign our Petition/ Take the Pledge: https://www.makeourrightsreality.org.uk/my-rights-petition/

Join Our campaign as a Rights Advocate: https://www.makeourrightsreality.org.uk/join/


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The Our Minds Our Future online summit: Saturday

Make Our Rights Reality


The Our Minds Our Future online summit: Sunday

Make Our Rights Reality


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