November 13, 2019

Sit With Me

Tahira Rehman

In the silence of the night,

all I can do is fail

to see beyond my clouded thoughts.

All I can see

is darkness in the light,

and it seems so real.

So sit with me for a moment,

as the future seems pretence

and nothing,

 seems to make any sense.

Sit with me,

because my shadow doesn’t disappear

with the breaking of dawn. I see it in my visions

 and it seems to appear in my dreams and I’m torn,

even under the sunlight.

Because the story of my eyes

rests not in the day or the night,

so sit with me while

 I yearn for my losses,

while I lose in the chances of all my tosses;

while I flip the coin again, awaiting the end

 to this toxic game.

Sit with me,

because I’m living double days,

 sleeping double nights

and the sadness won’t allow me

to fight.

Logic and reason

won’t help me see the season

of the coming summers that you see for me,

it won’t take me to the end of the tunnel,

it won’t solve my troubles.

So all I want to see is your ears,

and I need you to understand my fears.

Sit with me,

even if you can see the light,

even if everything seems bright and

 you say my tears are a waste of time,

but remember they are mine.

So sit with me

in the dark…

Tahira Rehman 2019  (Avarohn Expressions)

Tahira is a Poet & Outreach support worker, and an ally to the group of Rights Advocate and Steering Group campaigners in Leeds. Tahira first got involved with the campaign at Zoe and Zee’s poetry event in Leeds, as she is a published author, and has since been a massive supporter of everything they do. She has attended 3 local campaign meetups and has continued to motivate the Leeds team and push their creative thinking.

In 2018, she set up her poetry signature known as Avarohn Expressions. Since then, her poetry has been published in the US, Canada and locally. Her poetry has been described as amazing, profound and beautiful. She has headlined at various spoken word events including folk music festivals. She is also a lead poet of the Holbeck Poetry Hub in Leeds and the author of Mirages to Reality published in April 2019.

Website: www.avarohnexpressions.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/avarohnexpressions
Instagram: @avarohnexpressions 


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